Upcoming June Retreat:

Serenity and Self-discovery: Rest and Renewal Weekend for Women…June 1st-3rd, 2018, Cape Cod MA


A retreat weekend is included in the Training for Radiance online program.

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Once a year we offer a weeklong on-site Training for Radiance workshop in a beautiful retreat setting.

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Email me if you need guidance around which workshop would serve you best for where you are right now.  Tell me a little bit about what you are needing or struggling with and we can set up a time to chat if that would be more helpful too, kathryn@kathrynlouiseleblanc.com.   Classes are limited to twelve participants and are three hour to three and a half hours in length.

All of the workshops listed below are covered in the online Training for Radiance program.

“Journey to the Best of Yourself: Accessing Your Best Self More Fully”

During this session, you will uncover more fully your deepest & most vibrant self or your “Being”, creating space for this part to radiate within you, and allowing opportunity for you to name & experience these unique positive qualities more fully.  You will learn about this part in relation to the other key centers within yourself and strengthen your ability to live from your core identity.


“Taking Charge of Your Life: A Tool for Self Discovery, Self Mastery, & Mindfulness”

Learn to strengthen your ability to focus on and interpret sensations in your body and explore more deeply your inner world, both in the area of painful “negative” sensations and in the area of “positive” sensations that come from your core being. This method is a powerful tool that greatly accelerates our ability to heal deeply and to fully identify and claim all the aspects of your positive self, leading deeper clarity and direction in your life.


“Decision Making: A Methodical Tool for Making, Healthy, Fulfilling, Good, Mindful, Decisions”

Learn how to break everyday and more complex decisions down into smaller components, experience what it awakens within you, and how to choose between multiple options in order to make decisions that are constructive to your whole person while being respectful of your present lived experience. If you find yourself making unhealthy decisions in life or struggle to make decisions all together, this workshop will give you a great tool to move forward with.


“Cultivating Life-Giving Relationships”

Come and explore your current relationships (friends, co-workers, partners, etc.), taking time to identify which ones are truly life-giving, which ones are not, and why. Receive some simple education on the various types of relationships you may be living along with time for helpful reflection to help determine if any changes need to be made in the way that you are prioritizing these relationships in order to feel most deeply nourished.


“Disproportionate and Recurring Reactions: A Way of Managing Conflicts and Creating More Harmony in Relationships”

Ever have a reaction that feels out of proportion to the event or situation that triggered it? “Disproportionate” reactions often recur and may result in anger, sadness, aggression, numbness, and other debilitating emotions.

In this workshop we will cut these reactions down to size by first identifying the various types of reactions. You will then have time to identify your own patterns of reactions, and learn solid tools to manage them.

“Giving and Receiving Love in My  Relationships”

In this workshop you will explore three different kinds of love (possessive, dutiful, or gratuitous) which you may be living out in your relationships today, and what the effects each kind of love has on you an d the other person/s.  You will also look at your ability to receive love in your most intimate relations hips and what blocks you, if anything, to receive.  Our goal is to set you further on a path of loving and receiving love in a healthier and fuller way.