I have been thinking about a way to keep connected with members from my workshops on self development and to honor requests to offer some training on line, and this Blog (with videos) seems like a good beginning!

My intention is to create a space for all the seekers in the world to continue their learning through mini informational blogs and hopefully conversation that will help us all grow and learn about how we work as humans and how to raise this magnificent radiance that is within each of us, kind of like a manual to remind us of what we are capable of and how to trouble shoot and understand any malfunctions (like you would use even if you where setting up a new VCR, right?). 

In this first video, you’ll learn about five simple and important  parts of living as a person on this planet and how just by the way we live from one part or the other can alter your life path and effect whether you are living out your highest potential.

This is my first video, it’s a tad long but it’s just a practice run. Let me know what you think below and if you have any questions about what I am sharing in it.

The light within me, honors the light within you,


  1. Larissa

    After years of wandering, I feel tremendous gratitude that my path has shifted towards your enriching and life-changing workshops. They have helped me begin to decipher core priorities and given me essential tools towards having a healthier, happier perspective.

    Thank you for all of your wisdom and strength,

    • Kathryn Louise LeBlanc

      Oh my goodness, thanks Larissa! And thank you for that beautiful testimony…I feel blessed to be serving you in some small way and even more blessed to get to share and have you to share with!

      With love and light,
      Kath xxxooo

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